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Tim Ervin Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Board Certified Coach EMDR Trained Certified Hypnotherapist


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Why I’m passionate about what I do? It'sPersonal!

My story. I spent a major part of my adult life struggling ​with negative self-beliefs. One childhood negative message ​I received was that I am not smart enough. I spent much of ​the time trying to prove it wrong and proving it right at the ​same time. I dealt with imposter syndrome and ​perfectionism which prevented me from accomplishing ​many goals and aspirations.

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Once I became a therapist life coach and worked with a ​skilled therapist, I was able to identify those roadblocks and ​their sources. I was successfully able to correct the negative ​self-beliefs and replace them with accurate and appropriate ​ones. However, it took a decade for me to accomplish this ​new mind state. Now I have been trained in a therapy ​(EMDR) that works faster and more effectively. Less time ​rehashing repeatedly the past and get to the good stuff sooner. ​I am very excited about these tools and am eager to share ​them with you.

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Negative messages such as criticism, shaming, belittling, ​and insults can lead to self-doubt and create a negative self-​image. These messages can make an individual feel inferior, ​unworthy, and inadequate.

Negative messages can create a negative thought pattern that ​can lead to self-doubt and self-criticism this in turn can lead ​to a lack of confidence and difficulty in achieving personal ​goals.

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Negative Childhood Messages Negative Self Belief Low Self Esteem

Negative messages from the past may have a significant ​impact on an individual’s self-esteem as an adult. When ​someone receives negative messaging during childhood or ​adolescence, they can internalize those messages and carry ​them into adulthood.

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How Low Self-Esteem Affects You as an Adult

Negative self-belief is a thought pattern that leads ​individuals to have low self-esteem and a negative ​perception of themselves. Some common examples of ​negative self-beliefs include self-doubt, self-criticism, and ​feelings of inadequacy. Negative self-beliefs often lead to ​behaviors that reinforce the negative belief, such as ​avoiding challenges or opportunities for growth.

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Low self-esteem may manifest in many other ways as ​an adult:

Negative self talk Social withdrawal Perfectionism Self neglect Self doubt Fear of failure Constant comparison Need for validation
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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) ​is a therapeutic approach that can be used to address ​negative self-beliefs. Negative self-beliefs can be deeply ​ingrained and can affect how a person sees themselves, ​others, and the world around them. EMDR can be an ​effective tool to help individuals work through these ​negative self-beliefs and develop more positive beliefs. ​ Research shows EMDR may get quicker results & gets deep ​into the Unconscious mind correcting negative beliefs.

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During EMDR therapy, the therapist guides the individual ​through a series of eye movements or other bilateral ​stimulation techniques while the individual focuses on a ​traumatic memory or negative self-belief. The goal of this ​process is to desensitize the individual to the negative ​emotions and beliefs associated with the memory or belief ​and to reprocess the memory in a more adaptive way.

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To address negative self-beliefs specifically, the therapist ​may ask the individual to identify a specific negative belief ​that they hold about themselves, such as "I am not good ​enough" or "I am unlovable." The therapist will then guide ​the individual through the EMDR process while focusing ​on this belief, helping the individual to identify any past ​experiences that may have contributed to the belief and to ​develop more positive and adaptive beliefs.

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It is important to note that EMDR is a complex ​therapy that should only be performed by a licensed ​therapist who has been trained in this technique. If ​you are struggling with negative self-beliefs and are ​interested in exploring EMDR therapy, it is important ​to find a qualified therapist who can guide you ​through this process.

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